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Bumble Jumble Party

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Oooooh, we're a clever bunch of little nerds here at total-geek, and a bit chuffed with ourselves about it too, because...wait for it:

We've just released our first iPad game!

Presenting: dum da da DAAAAAAAH...Bumble Jumble Party!!!
<insert: applause, trumpet fanfare, laser light show, etc>

I know, we are just too good. :P (and yet, we can't manage to update our website with any sort of regularity. Go figure.)

Bumble Jumble Party is a party word game with levels to suit all ages. Play it with your kids (they won't realise it's educational, we promise), play it with your spouse (cause you're not trying to prove that your IQ is totally higher, or anything), play it with your whole family! It's challenging, it's addictive, and of course it's LOADS of fun. Because otherwise it'd defeat the purpose. Duh.



Why excessive DRM is killing PC gaming

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I'm a keen but infrequent gamer and I value the rare moment when I can get stuck into my favourite online multiplayer game very much.  I tend to only get a couple of hours each fortnight to put into this hobby but I enjoy it immensely... provided everything is working as expected.

But something I'm noticing more and more over the years is how excessive DRM and antipiracy measures are punishing me as a loyal customer to the point where I'd like nothing better than to meet with the upper management of the gaming companies and return my game via their rectal letter box if you know what I mean.


Beautiful Bollywood Geek

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The staff here at are pleased to announce the arrival of a brand new geek: the Beautiful Bollywood Geek (special edition)!!! Gorgeous little Bollywood Geek comes complete with little twinkly things all over, and lots of gold and special dance moves such as "Pet-the-dog" and "Twist-the-Lightbulb!"

Just kidding. Laughing

Bollywood geeks have style, exotic beauty and lots of bling!! Do you know a special Bollywood geek?

To get yourself a bit of bollywood geek glamour, click on our Shop picture thingie that's cycling away on the right there, and head on over to the official shop and have a browse! We've got bollywood geek t-shirts (special edition), tote bags (special edition), fridge magnets (special edition), coffee cups (special edition), buttons (special edition)...

LaughingTongue outKiss

Did we mention she's a special edition?


Tall Order Giraffe Encounter at Werribee Open Range Zoo Review

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Oooh, haven’t we been a naughty bunch of slackers here at no updates for like, AGES. Tsk tsk.

Well, we’ve been BUSY. And just to prove it so you’ll get off our backs with your tsk-ing, here’s what we’ve been up to. We’ve been to Melbourne! Most of my work colleagues find it extraordinary that someone who has lived in Australia all her life has never been to Melbourne, but in my defense I am a –terrible- flyer and to make matters worse, my Stemetil failed me!!!

A doctor who got airsick on a 2.5 hour flight despite antiemetic medication. Just disgraceful.

Anyway, once there, no troubles at all in the emesis department and we proceeded to Werribee Open Range Zoo, which is about a 35min shuttle ride out of the CBD. We pre-booked via the zoo website and were picked up outside the Victorian Arts Centre. Weather was lovely, we got there nice and early and had time for a wander about the place and take happysnaps. The zoo itself is lovely and clean and the animals seemed perfectly happy (but I’m a doctor, not a vet, so.) [Editor: Sorry I couldn't help myself. Here is the real doctor link]


Total-Geek Computer Geek

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Some would say that a Moon Tan is the ULTIMATE in geekiness...
and some wouldn't.

Why not celebrate your Computer Geekiness by having it emblazoned on your coffee mug and mouse pad? You're mug will never be stolen again by meddling management. If you ain't a computer geek, then leave my mug along :P

Why not buy a Computer Geek mug or mouse pad for that special Computer Geek in your life, who always fixes your computer, removes the viruses, keeps you running awesome browsers like Firefox and more. The Computer Geek design is available on both mens and ladies shirts as well.

Just head over to our online shop and buy one now!

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